Where to woo your beau this Valentine's Day
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Where to woo your beau this Valentine’s Day

In the Middle Ages, enthusiastic young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. Once drawn, they would wear the name of their beau on their sleeves for one week, thus the origins of the phrase, to wear your heart on your sleeve. Thankfully, things have changed a little and our potential life’s happiness is not determined by the fate of a bowl, although it does lend itself to a great reality television show. Around the same time, women would eat unusual foods in the belief that it would make them dream of their future husband. Unfortunately the details of the success of this tradition are somewhat sketchy so instead of sourcing unusual foods, we’ve round up a few of the Gold Coast’s most romantic feasts so you can wear your heart on your sleeve, figuratively, that is. more