The round-up: chomp your way through Brisbane's best cookies
The round-up: chomp your way through Brisbane's best cookies
The round-up: chomp your way through Brisbane's best cookies

The round-up: chomp your way through Brisbane’s best cookies

While we are crazy for cakes, go bonkers for brownies and drool over danishes, cookies hold a special place in our heart. There’s never been a better time to be a cookie lover, with numerous bakeries and sweet shops pumping out trays of chunky choc-chip-filled cookies, buttery biscuits and sprinkle-coated wonders. If you’ve got a hankering for cookies, use this list to track down some of Brisbane’s best.

Brooki Bakehouse, Fortitude Valley: Look, there are very few spots we’ll join a queue to enjoy, but Brooki Bakehouse is absolutely one of them. Good thing, too – the world-famous Fortitude Valley bakery is rarely without a line snaking its way up Marshall Street. Owner Brooke Saward and her team pump out tray after tray of chunky cookies in a variety of flavours. Brooki’s red velvet, Nutella, Biscoff and choc-chip walnut cookies are some of the finest going – be sure to devour them while they’re still warm!

Batch Cookie Bar, Brisbane City: Batch Cookie Bar is the handiwork of Ginger Mendoza, who has built a mini dessert empire on the back of her esteemed range of cookies. Cookie lovers are encourged to find Ginger’s bricks-and-mortar store at Uptown or Batch’s market pop-ups, where they’ll find a killer range of hand-crafted cookies in flavours like ube velvet crackle, caramel milk chocolate chip, funfetti-coated birthday cake cookies and the ultra-decadent triple-chocolate cookie.

Alphabet Cafe, West End: If we don’t have enough time to pop in for brunch, we still love swinging by Alphabet Cafe to pick up a sweet treat. The cafe’s cabinet offering changes daily, so you never know exactly what’ll be on offer when you visit. That said, previous highlights include vegan choc-chip cookies and cheesecake-stuffed gingerbread cookies.

Peach Cafe, Auchenflower: This dreamy pink-hued cafe is high on our list when we’re craving a picture-perfect brunch (and strawberry matcha lattes), but did you know Peach is also a top spot to sate some serious cookie cravings? We drool at the sight of the cafe’s range of gooey lava cookies, which often come with a molten centre of Nutella or peanut butter. The cafe also pumps out a range of specials each month, giving us reason to visit regularly (like we needed any extra convincing).

Butter Meets Sugar, Birkdale: Got a hankering for something sweet? Butter Meets Sugar is a must-try spot for fans of baked goods of all kinds. Beyond cakes and brownies, the shop’s range of NYC-style cookies is top-tier. Butter Meets Sugar’s ever-changing selection of flavours include the likes of Milo, peanut butter Snickers, lemon crinkle, salted caramel, Kinder and classic choc-chip. There are even a couple of gluten-free options on offer!

Baked by M&G, Coorparoo: Baked by M&G cut the ribbon on its very first bricks-and-mortar location on Old Cleveland Road in late 2023 after a heralded stint at markets around town. With a bigger kitchen to work with, Baked by M&G is now pumping out a greater range of goodies, including its covetable cookies, which are available on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re swinging by, keep an eye out for the choc-chunk, funfetti, red velvet and white-choc Caramilk cookies – all of which can be pre-ordered online for hassle-free pick up.

Little Sprinkle Co., Carina: Regarded by some as the maker of Brisbane’s best cookies, Little Sprinkle Co. in Carina is the perfect spot if you consider yourself to be a cookie snob. Known for crafting countless custom sugar cookies, Little Sprinkle also opens on Fridays and Saturdays for retail trade. Pop in and snag yourself some doughy discs for the road (and maybe a cupcake or two, because you deserve it).

Flour & Chocolate, Morningside, Northgate and Redcliffe: As one of Brisbane’s best bakeries, it stands to reason that Flour & Chocolate would serve a killer cookie. The truth is, the pastry pioneer goes above and beyond with its cookie offerings. In addition to serving the likes of loaded pecan double chocolate and honey macadamia double chocolate cookies, Flour & Chocolate also serves gelato cookie sandwiches. These beauties see the likes of pistachio, Biscoff, passionfruit pavlova and Basque cheesecake gelato smushed between two cookies – what a divine combo!

Supernice, Bowen Hills: While most of you will know Supernice as a sensational sandwich spot, the joint is also secretly one of Brisbane’s best cookie sources. Though the range is smaller than some on this list, the flavours are mighty. These choice chonky cookies come in flavours like matcha with white chocolate and macadamia, triple chocolate (with Lindt chocolate, Callebaut dark chocolate Irca cocoa and brownie crumbs) and Kinder cookies (with Belgian dark- and white-chocolate chips and Nutella, topped with a Kinder Bueno and a sprinkle of sea salt).

Agnes Bakery, Fortitude Valley: Is there anything the team at Agnes Bakery can’t do? In addition to the bread, the pastries and the sandwiches, this James Street staple also does a mean cookie. The bakery’s wattleseed-spiced dark chocolate-chip cookies make the joint worthy of inclusion on this list alone. Trust us when we say it’s worth adding one to your order next time you visit.

Chouette Cake & Dessert, Underwood: A rising star in the cake scene, Korean-inspired dessert cafe Chouette also makes bonzer biccies. The venue serves the likes of classic choc chip cookies, matcha white chocolate cookies, cream cheese cookies and pecan choc-chip cookies. Special mention must be made of the macarons (they’re a kind of cookie, right?), with out-of-the-box flavours like Earl Grey, blueberry yoghurt, black sesame and cheese (yes, cheese) available.

13 Bees Contemporary Bakery, Fortitude Valley: If you love cookies, you’ll get a kick out of 13 Bees’ cookie pies available by the slice, with options including Mars, Snickers, Maltesers, Milky Way and Bueno. As for classic cookies, pop in to see which flavours are in the cabinet. You might spy Oreo-stuffed cookies and dark chocolate and peanut butter-loaded cookies.

Teaffee, West End: Known primarily for its pillowy mochi and mochi-infused treats, Teafee is also an underrated gem in the cookie department. The sweet spot serves a trio of mochi cookies, with flavours including ube mochi, matcha mochi and chocolate mochi.

Butterbing, various locations: Cult brownie-cookie maker Butterbing made its return to Brisbane in 2024, bringing back its buttercream-filled brownie cookies and dropping them off at cafes all around Brisbane, including the likes of Straits, Morning After, Sweetshop Specialty Coffee and King Arthur Cafe. You can find a list of all local stockists via the Butterbing website.

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