The Weekend Edition is a unique way of delivering Brisbane’s local weekend lifestyle news and events, with a touch of global goodness. Headquartered in the inner-city, The Weekend Edition is Brisbane’s influential weekly news lifestyle brand.
The Weekend Edition is brought to you by the creators of map magazine, a free magazine in Brisbane that inspired readers for fifteen years, from September 1999 to September 2014.

The Weekend Edition Brisbane publishes content, specifically dedicated to ensuring our readers can be inspired to make the most of their weekend.

Built on the philosophy Sleep In. Slow Down. Enjoy., The Weekend Edition uncovers Brisbane across the categories of food and drink, fashion, design, property, culture, people and events, It also is home to a comprehensive Events Guide – perfect for planning your weekend; The Street Photographer – visual journalism at its best; Captured – the best social snaps from events around town; and Stumble Guide – Brisbane’s definitive lifestyle directory.

Presented in a digital format and published weekly – every Thursday at 10:00 am – The Weekend Edition Brisbane is home to intelligent reporting, compelling photography, modern typography and good design. The Weekend Edition Brisbane has been created for a sophisticated, digital-savvy, urban audience with a hunger to enjoy Brisbane and its surrounds.

Sleep In. Slow Down. Enjoy.


Editorial Staff

Managing Editor: Chrisanthi Demos
Assistant Editors: James Frostick, Jade Quinlivan
Editorial Assistants: Sara Weckerle, Juliette Murray

Business Team

Publisher: The Weekend Edition

Digital Account Managers: Georgia Attwell, Meredith McLean
Digital Media Specialist: Georgia Brooker

Studio Team

Creative Director: Lloyd Seymour


“Often if the weekend feels wasted, it’s because it was spent without good friends.”

Paul Owen, Architect, Owen and Vokes and Peters