Free Gelato Messina on Mates Day
Free Gelato Messina on Mates Day

Free Gelato Messina on Mates Day

Mates Day (that’s May 8, M8 – geddit?!) is all about celebrating friendship. So Snapchat and Gelato Messina are buddying up to mark the occasion, bringing besties together to make unforgettable memories filled with good times and gelato. What could make your day more than enjoying a scoop of Messina with a mate, made even sweeter by it costing absolutely nothing?

Snapchat, the app loved by Aussies for keeping connected and having fun with mates, is giving away FREE scoops of a super-special gelato flavour at Messina stores nationwide from 12:00 pm, while stocks last.

With a sprinkle of fun, dash of joy and a whole lot of friendship, Snapchat and Gelato Messina have collaborated to create Oh Snap! – an ultra-limited edition flavour drop, available exclusively – and for nix – on May 8.

Oh Snap! is inspired by the classic vanilla slice, an iconic Australian treat, popular for generations. Now enjoying a nostalgic come-back, the creative mavens at Messina have put a contemporary spin on the bakery staple, guaranteeing this gelato flavour is anything but vanilla. The much-loved trio of sunny-yellow custard, zingy passion fruit icing and buttery puff pastry (YUM!) are the perfect friendship of flavours. Now Messina has turned the vanilla slice into gelato heaven, and you can only get it on Mates Day, thanks to Snapchat.

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