FEMIOKE: Feminist Karaoke

FEMIOKE: Feminist Karaoke

Are you going to tell us what you want, what you really, really want? Is it R-E-S-P-E-C-T and No Scrubs? Will you survive, do it for yourself (standin’ on your own two feet) or do you just wanna have fun? Are you ***FLAWLESS and do you run the world? Then c’mon people – let’s get loud!

FEMIOKE (feminist karaoke) is a space to celebrate your favourite feminist anthems and take back misogynist songs in a night of playful, inclusive karaoke, hosted by local feminist and karaoke desperado, Amy-Clare.

This raucous and super joyful sing-a-long night is designed to mix the intimacy and inclusivity of private room karaoke with the energy and excitement of a public crowd. Bring your mum (your dad!), work pals, and best mates, and get ready to sing your beloved fem-anthems loud and proud at this feel-good night of empowering karaoke!

FEMIOKE provides a space dedicated to celebrating feminist anthems and fostering inclusivity. This one night only event provides a supportive and respectful environment for everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression.

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