When Mark moved out of home for the first time, his mum started writing him letters – just checking in, staying in touch, keeping a gentle hold on her son.

Until one letter brings news no-one wants to hear.

Blue is a bold and deeply personal new work from a young and revelatory new voice in Australian writing. Journey deep into the beauty and sadness of a young life at its new beginning.

A tender and exquisite monologue written and performed by Logie Award-winner Thomas Weatherall (Heartbreak High), Blue marks the writing debut of this accomplished actor and dancer.

The audience bears witness to Mark, alone in his apartment, on a quiet ordinary morning, trying to make sense of his world and navigate a way forward.

He needs to work out how to go on with the day, his studies and the fragility of living. He needs someone to hear his story and the story of his family.

A work of “very personal fiction”, Blue is drawn from Weatherall’s experiences as a teenager and young adult, finding his place in the world and overcoming an onslaught of emotional circumstances.

Delicately lifting the one-person play from its challenging themes with grace, fluidity and movement is director Deborah Brown, a choreographer and award-winning dancer.

Blue is a touching and beautiful exploration of a young person’s journey through grief, loss, mental well-being and young adulthood. Blue makes its Queensland debut at La Boite in 2024.


Image La Boite Theatre

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