The multi-award-winning Volcano invites audiences into a voyeuristic journey played out across four performances full of surprise and intrigue. 

A serialised live performance miniseries spanning four 45-minute episodes, acclaimed director and choreographer Luke Murphy crosses the boundaries of experimental theatre, contemporary dance and psychological sci-fi thriller in this production. Audiences will experience each episode of Volcano back-to-back with short transitions between stories. A thirty-minute interval will be held after the third episode, in which audiences are invited to leave the theatre, stretch their legs, grab a bite to eat, and get ready for the final episode. 

Existing in a liminal space, a living room in disrepair, a room without a door, two characters recreate the greatest hits of old lives: a night at a rave, a favourite game show, an 80’s music-video, passing the time or quietly clinging to distant memories of a life out of reach. As the narrative unfolds the deeper precarity of their circumstances come to focus leading the audience through a fever dream of questions and upended assumptions. 

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