A Body Which Draws Itself

A Body Which Draws Itself

Acclaimed Brisbane transdisciplinary artist Micah Rustichelli invites audiences on a thought-provoking journey with the presentation of two endurance-based works, A Body Which Draws Itself and Demon Rhythm. 

Presented at Metro Arts as part of their One Night Stand series, Rustichelli’s work  challenges conventional notions of self-expression, image, and the value we assign to representations of ourselves and the world..

For one night only, artist Micah Rustichelli will present two projects – A Body Which Draws Itself and Demon Rhythm – which together explore different ends of this uniquely human obsession.

From an artist tied in knots, testing if the body can draw its own image, to a cacophony of painted images stolen from the internet, these two endurance-based works call into question the value we place on images of ourselves, others and the world around us.

Micah Rustichelli’s unique approach to performance art challenges audiences to reevaluate the significance of images in our lives, offering an opportunity for reflection and discussion. 

Micah Rustichelli is a transdisciplinary artist primarily focused on themes of selfhood, identity, and existential factors. Working across painting, drawing, and sculpture, Rustichelli extends these forms into contexts such as studio practice, experimental circus, contemporary dance, and club-kid performance. 

Their exploration of the concept of self involves dissecting inherent, indoctrinated, and adopted aspects, with a larger concern for understanding why our sense of self holds such profound significance. Rustichelli’s practice reflects on historical shifts in identity concepts and anticipates their evolution into the future.

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