Voodoo: A Hedonistic Halloween

Voodoo: A Hedonistic Halloween

Embrace the Darkness: Summa House Presents “Voodoo: A Hedonistic Halloween”

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enigmatic and shadowy depths of the night as Summa House unveils ” Voodoo: A Hedonistic Halloween.” Embracing the spirit of Halloween, Summa House invites you to shed your inhibitions and step into a world of unadulterated fun.

“Voodoo” beckons the curious to explore the hidden recesses of the soul, to unleash your desires in a night of dance of light and shadow. This event encapsulates an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary and delves into the surreal.

Award-winning artist and renowned visionary, Marion Conrow will guide guests on a journey into the unknown, transforming Summa House into a labyrinth of mystery and intrigue. Through a fusion of spell-binding projections and layered mesh installations, Conrow will conjure ethereal landscapes that blur the lines between dream and reality.

Elevating the aura of intrigue and mystique, “Voodoo” will feature captivating live performances, roaming performers and DJs on a journey of hedonistic intention.

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