Outer Space Opening Exhibition: All my friends are leaving (returning to) Brisbane

Outer Space Opening Exhibition: All my friends are leaving (returning to) Brisbane

Outer Space is excited to announce its Opening Exhibition ‘All my friends are leaving (returning to) Brisbane’ at the new gallery located at the Judith Wright Arts Centre. The exhibition takes influence from the rom-com movie ‘All my friends are leaving Brisbane’ (2007), directed by Louise Alston and written by Stephen Vagg. The film tells the age-old story of Anthea and Michael, two friends in their late twenties, who grapple with the decision of whether to stay or move away from Brisbane.

This narrative of friends leaving Brisbane has existed for decades, particularly within the arts, with artists and writers too-often-than-not leaving Brisbane for “greener pastures.” However, in 2020, our world was shaped by COVID-19, which also brought a new appreciation for our smaller city with its open spaces, sunny skies, and friendly faces. As such, our friends started returning to Brisbane.

The artists in the exhibition consider the return of the Brisbane exodus, prompting us to reflect on why people leave and why people return. The collaborative open-ended nature of the project invites conversations in the form of an exhibition. Together, we consider what leaving and returning might mean for the Brisbane cultural landscape going forward.

Outer Space is a not-for-profit Contemporary Arts organisation. We collaborate with artists and arts workers to develop, make, and present critically engaged creative practice in a supportive professional environment. For more information on Outer Space’s exhibitions, events and public programs head here.

This exhibition program is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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