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Fairy Tales at QAGOMA

Step inside the walls of QAGOMA from December 2 to 28 April and a woody wonder awaits as the stories that shaped your childhood come to life. Fairy Tales the exhibition explores how the whimsical tales from across the world have held our fascination for centuries through art and culture by showcasing the way visual storytellers draw on these narratives to entrance, delight and disconcert audiences. Bringing together artists, film makers and designers through painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, film and filmic elements, props, costumes, and fashion, the exhibition highlights the archetypal figures we know so well from wicked witches, stalwart princes and princesses to magical animals – both fierce and friendly.

This enchanting exhibition explores prominent narrative themes including stories of children coming of age and ageing, the shifting role of gender and otherness, tales of bravery and justice, loyalty and humility, and cunning and aspiration. In doing so it brings together well-known visual motifs of woods and trees, mirrors and blood, impossible shoes and clothing for royalty, castles and coaches, and at least one pumpkin.

Tickets are on sale now – select a time and purchase yours at the QAGOMA website.

Image credit: Henrique Oliveira, Brazil b.1973 / Installation view of Baitogogo 2013, Palais de Tokyo, Paris / Plywood and tree branches / Courtesy: SAM Art Projects, Galerie GP&N Vallois, Galeria Millan / © Henrique Oliveira / Photograph: André Morin / This work is indicative of a new commission by Henrique Oliveira for the ‘Fairy Tales’ exhibition at QAGOMA

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