Dumpling Day 2019

Dumpling Day 2019

Do You Love Dumplings? Does your dumpling love know no boundaries? Dumpling Day 2019 was made for you.

Imagine yourself eating dumplings from along the ancient silk road, crisply fried or softly steamed, with different fillings and flavours from each culture. Travel from China to Italy, eating your way through Onigiri to Arancini.

Want to take away more than just a full belly? We have workshops all day focused on food on the move.

Learn how to make a basic potsticker dumpling, and what sauces will make your dumplings POP! with flavour, leaving you digesting in reverence. Taught by dumpling diva the saucy wench, you will learn what sauces go best with which dumplings.

Master the art of making xiao long bao, the steamy soup dumpling that seduced an emperor. Transform making lunch into making a scene with Kawaii Bento – lunchboxes so cute your kids won’t be able to resist!

Print and tie your very own Japanese lunch bag and make origami boxes and envelopes to level up your takeaway style to being sustainable and chic all in one.

Register below to get a dumpling passport, and the more destinations you devour, the more chances you can win a $500 value dumpling day party – where one of our talented facilitators will come to your home and teach you and your friends how to make different dumplings for a full day of feasting.

Last year’s event sold out in a weekend, so be sure to get your passport and register now.

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