Cool2BeConscious Saturday Stillness

Cool2BeConscious is a holistic movement designed to shift the paradigm and views around living a more conscious life, bridging the gap between spirituality and science by reconnecting those with their subconscious mind through gentle breathwork and meditation practice.

Breathwork is an excellent tool for providing clarity and direction, helping relieve nerves, stress and anxiety, and is perfect to use before your meditation to drop into a deeper relaxation. Cool2BeConscious has been growing a community worldwide, helping individuals level up in all areas of life. Every Saturday at 8:00 am, everyone is invited to join the stillness session on the beach at Raby Bay Foreshore Park. The session is a powerful yet simple mindfulness flow, where the Cool2BeConscious team guides you through a five-minute intro, 10 minutes of breathwork and a 15-minute guided meditation.

The sessions at $8.88 to attend, and all you need to bring is suitable clothing, a yoga mat or towel to lay on, swimmers and your most authentic self. Kids under 12 are welcome to attend for free.

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