Conversations with Richard Fidler
Conversations with Richard Fidler

Conversations with Richard Fidler

From Sydney ‘good girl’ to Shanghai show girl, Jenevieve Chang shares her journey with Richard Fidler.

Join a vibrant, bold and raw night as Jenevieve Chang recalls her childhood, arriving in Australia aged 4–with three generations of family by her side–after decades of fleeing Communist China via Taiwan and the United States..

It seems the Chang family has a history of ‘running away’ and so it was with Jenevieve; returning to China as an adult only to find that the glamorous and outrageous Shanghai is not quite like the stories she remembers from her childhood.

By turns, hilarious and moving, Jenevieve’s journey is a true story of cultural clashes and hedonism gone awry. It is a story about the boundaries we choose to cross and the roles we choose to play. And it is a story about family and the ways we try – but sometimes fail – to be good for them.

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