B MOVIES LIVE: Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster

B MOVIES LIVE: Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster

As part of Anywhere Festival, Kristian Fletcher launches B Movies: Live…

It’s November 1964: In a Long Island studio, a handful of actors meet to film a new science fiction movie… Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

A robot astronaut battles Martians who have arrived on Earth with the sole purpose of kidnapping our women to continue the breeding stock of their dying planet…

The B MOVIES: LIVE team bring a classic B-grade movie to life with props, costumes, sound effects and music.

Thu 12 May 7.30pm
Fri 13 May 7.30pm
Sat 14 May 7.30pm
Thu 19 May 7.30pm
Fri 20 May 7.30pm
Sat 21 May 7.30pm

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