A Different Space by Shane Willmett
A Different Space by Shane Willmett

A Different Space by Shane Willmett

If you’re looking for something different to do on a Thursday night don’t miss Brisbane-based artist, Shane Willmett’s latest exhibition A Different Space.

Following the success of his debut solo exhibition, Nativus, Shane has again used the ethereal quality of India ink to showcase not only his talent but also a personal connection to his childhood in North Queensland.

This latest collection of India-ink works feature the intricacy of native gum and eucalyptus leaves suspended in spaces where they are defined by the shadows their leaves cast on man-made surfaces.

Working only with black India ink, Shane’s works are stripped back painting only in light and shadow, and positive and negative space. Each piece stands alone calling on the viewer’s imagination and memory to complete the composition.

The end result leaves the artwork to take on a different life and ultimately, meaning.

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