The round-up: work your way through Brisbane's best burgers
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Betty's Burgers | Brisbane's best burgers | The Weekend Edition
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Slim's Quality Burger | Brisbane's best burgers | The Weekend Edition

The round-up: work your way through Brisbane’s best burgers

There are few meals more satisfying than a big ol’ juicy burger. Whether you like them stacked or simple, this famous two-handed food is universally adored for a reason – and through the countless variations we have encountered in our travels around Brisbane, we have adopted some clear favourites. From tried-and-true local stalwarts to the craziest creations, we’ve collated a list of what we think are the best burgers in Brisbane for you to wrap your laughing gear around – and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Broken Hearts Burger Club, various locations: Since opening its own bricks-and-mortar location in Morningside, Broken Hearts Burger Club has had a line of customers snaking out the door nearly every night. It’s not hard to see why – the experimental pop-up turned patty-slinging powerhouse has nailed the humble smash burger, making a true masterpiece out of quality ingredients and simple techniques. If you go here, then you’d best try the classic hand-smashed burger, which is comprised of a lightly toasted potato bun stuffed with a perfectly cooked patty (made using a blend of chuck steak, porterhouse, sirloin or oyster blade, and bacon – seasoned with a pinch of salt), slices of American cheese, bread and butter pickles, and a dollop of house-made pink sauce. You can get it made fancy with lettuce, tomato and onion or add an extra patty if you’re hungry. Either way, these beauties are legit.

Ben’s Burgers, Fortitude Valley: Ben’s Burgers is bona fide star. This Fortitude Valley eatery has been dominating taste buds with its no-frills approach to the classic cheeseburger for years. To really get the best experience we suggest adding maple bacon to your burger with a side of fries and special sauce. You won’t regret it – trust us.

Benz on Miller, Tingalpa: Some of you may have seen the Benz on Miller truck prowling the streets of Brisbane, but did you know that you that the burger slinger has its own location over in Tingalpa? Yep, it’s true! Must-try options include the Benz Cheesy (a sensational take on the classic cheeseburger) and the Sweet Baby Jeebus, which boasts a surfboard-sized slab of fried chicken (coated in a sweet Wild Turkey and maple glaze) isandwiched between two buns alongside bacon, cheese, lettuce before being drenched in Frank’s RedHot sauce-laced mayo.

KCS Chicken, Woolloongabba: Gunning for the title of Brisbane’s best fried-chicken burger spot is KCS Chicken, the chook-centric concept conceived by the crew at Kimchi Cheese Smile. The tight menu boasts four kinds of burgers to choose from with all options containing crispy chicken as the core ingredient. The KCS Chicken Sandwich is a classic must-try option, boasting chilli mayo, cucumber pickles and a soft bun, while the Korean Fried-Chicken Burger ups the ante with gochujang aioli, Korean red-chilli sauce, red cheddar and slaw.

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles, various locations: What happens when you mix hand-smashed patties with house-made waffles? Heaven, that’s what. You can get a taste of heaven at both of Hashtag’s locations, with 13 gob-smacking burger stacks up for grabs, many of which can be sandwiched between a pair of waffles. Oh, we almost forgot to mention that the Hashtag team is now the proud custodian of the cheese-loaded recipes made famous by Mac From Way Back, which is a reason to visit in and of itself.

Slim’s Quality Burger, Kippa-Ring: Having wooed Sydney foodies, this Americana-inspired diner concept is looking to replicate its success in Southeast Queensland. Those cruising in for a feed are able to order their meal directly to their car using a QR code ordering system, while dine-in guests can sink into some cherry-red banquettes before sinking their teeth into Slim’s range of Angus beef burgers, fried-chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers. Soon, Slim’s will open a new location in Slack’s Creek – keep your eyes peeled!

Just Poppy’s, Riverhills: Riverhills is home some of the city’s best burgers – more than 80 of them, in fact! There are rib-fillet steak burgers, meat-free burgers, hamburgers, and burgers with chicken, lamb, pork and fish – all of them available at Just Poppy’s. You will be forgiven for lingering longer on this menu, but rest assured that there is no wrong choice.

Brewski, Petrie Terrace: It’s not all hops and malt at Caxton Street’s Brewski – this pub does also does some phenomenal burgers for the hungry crowd. The menu features tasty options for the carnivore crowd and peckish plant-based types, including the classic smashed-beef burger and the stout-infused and applewood-smoked jackfruit burger, respectively.

Netherworld, Fortitude Valley: The Hellmouth Diner at Netherworld is the perfect place if you’re seeking a plant-based burger option. Our picks are the Burgatory (cheeseburger cheese, crispy onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, American mustard and ketchup), The Phoenix (panko-crumbed vegan chicken with cheese, pickles, lettuce and chipotle mayo) and The Beezlebun (burger patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato red onion, pickled jalapenos, ranch and habanero mayo). Good to know – Netherworld also offers carnivorous and dairy-free options.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co, various locations: In 2017, Noosa-born sensation Betty’s Burgers opened not one, but two locations in Brisbane. Since then Betty’s Burgers locations have popped up all over town and we’ve welcomed each one with open arms. With classic stacked burgers and decadent concrete custard making for a near-unbeatable combo, we reckon there should be a Betty’s Burgers location on every street.

Wing Fix, Coorparoo and Newmarket: For much of its existence, Wing Fix has built its following on crispy fried-chicken wings. These days? They’ve still got the wings, but now Wing Fix boasts a burger selection to tempt tastebuds. Alongside the classic cheeseburger and double-pattie smash burger, Wing Fix is also slinging a maple fried-chicken burger, a Nashville-style chicken burger, a barbecue beef and bacon burger, a southern-style fried-chicken burger, an Angus beef smash burger and a grilled mushroom burger. If you ask us, there’s no wrong choice.

Sue’s Burgers and Shakes, Carindale and Woolloongabba: The Wing Fix team clearly knows a thing or two about burgers. At Sue’s Burgers and Shakes, the crew is digging deeper into its burger obsession, creating an American diner-themed experience buoyed by a menu featuring burgers boasting lacy-edged smash patties made from a meaty mix of rib, sirloin, chuck and brisket. Not in a beefy mood? You can also get fried-chicken burgers, mozzarella sticks, Southern-style popcorn chicken bites, loaded maple fries and a range of shakes to wash it all down.

Red Hook, Brisbane City: Few cities in the world do burgers better than New York City, which is why Red Hook is upfront about where it draws its influences from. The Grandmaster Flash, Brooklyn Cheeseburger, Uptown Funk and Shaolin Soul burgers are all winners, which means you can be too if you eat here.

Benny’s American Burger, Milton: A sought-out staple of Adelaide and Melbourne’s burger scenes, Benny’s American Burger opened its first Brisbane location in Milton last year. As one might expect from an American-style eatery, the Benny’s menu is stacked with hunger-busting options. From classic beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers to heart-stopping options that go the extra mile in terms of ingredients – we’re talking the Bigger Than Texas Burger with a house-made beef patty, chicken tenders, slow-cooked pulled pork, bacon, cheese and a lathering of sauce, or the Canadian, which crams two beef patties, bacon, poutine and gravy, chips and mayo between two buns. Plus a bounty of sides including onion rings, tater tots, pulled-pork poutine and loaded fries.

Brooklyn Depot, various locations: Brooklyn Depot has been a fixture on the burger circuit since opening in 2016. Its menu of handcrafted handfuls offer perfect options for those seeking a classic burg, while a selection of suitably named Epic Burgers are ideal for pushing the limits of one’s stomach capacity. The triple-patty cheeseburger, the ‘Dubya’ barbecue-brisket burger and the protein-loaded Smash Up (two patties, two fried-chicken thighs and bacon) are only for the most brave-hearted and famished eaters. 

Remy’s, Paddington: Kicking back on a sunny Sunday in Paddington is a common pastime of ours, made even better when we do it at Remy’s. The burgers here are top notch, with several unique choices sharing menu space with the classics. The pork belly, cabbage and kimchi burger and the jerk chicken with Caribbean salsa are worth investigating, but don’t be ashamed if you find yourself back in the arms of the double pattie and bacon cheeseburger.

Miss Kay’s, South Brisbane, Mitchelton and Springwood: Anyone seeking a taste of some quintessential American burger artistry should take a seat at Miss Kay’s table. Head to any of Miss Kay’s locations and order some of the drool-worthy options like the Ludakrisp fried-chicken burger, the Mac Daddy with mac’n’cheese, the Poutine Burger or the Austin Flowers with spiced tempura cauliflower.

best burgers brisbane | Soul BothersSoul Brothers, Nundah: You might not think that curating a music soundtrack for the burger-eating process would have much of an impact on the dining experience, but when Soul Brothers turns up the volume on hits from Sam Cooke, Nina Simone and Etta James you can’t help but get into a better mood. This Nundah burger spot pairs soul music with soul-enriching eats. Think patties made primarily using brisket rump, a delightfully pliable potato bun and a process designed to deliver burgers from grill to table quickly and consistently.

Jee’s Burger, Brisbane City: When it comes to burgers, you can’t beat a classic and Jee’s Burgers does justice to the classics better than most. If you crave a burger that lets its ingredients speak for itself, then you’ll really get a kick out of the classic, cheeseburger, beef and bacon, and cheese and bacon burgers – all available with either a single or double patty.

Mitey’s Burgers, food truck: If you don’t mind travelling around to find a good burger, then you’ll want to track down Mitey’s. This food truck regularly pops up around town, serving a tight menu of smash-patty burgers that rival the big-name burger joints in quality.

Barbecue Mafia, Coorparoo: While known to most for its plentiful platters of lovingly smoked barbecued meat and birra tacos, the Barbecue Mafia crew sometimes expands its menu to include smash burgers. These burgers are a masterclass in beautiful simplicity – soft potato buns gently holding a succulent minced-brisket patty (with delicate lacy edges, so you know it’s a legit smashie), perfectly melted American cheese, Picklehead pickles and a dollop of house sauce. Bellissimo!

MooFree Burgers, Greenslopes and Morningside: Vegans are amply catered for by MooFree Burgers, which operates on a ‘no meat, no worries’ mantra. Patties are made from the likes of black beans, pulled jackfruit and more, and also feature fake bacon and vegan cheese to top.

Beyond these classic burger joints, a number of Brisbane’s high-end restaurants are also worthy of a shout-out. Top-tier eateries serving up cracking burgers include Establishment 203’s signature double cheeseburger, SK Steak & Oyster’s wagyu burger (with American mustard, ketchup and fries), Fatcow on James St’s wagyu burger with truffle mayo, dijon, cheddar cheese and chips, and the cheeseburger with fries at Rothwell’s Bar & Grill (it’s available at the bar – you just have to ask for it).

Honourable mentions: There are almost too many ace burger joints to list, but we had to make mention of Milky Lane in Newstead, Big Buns in Browns Plains and Upper Mount Gravatt, Fritzenberger in Wilston, Super Combo in Bowen Hills, Thick Buns in Annerley, and 5 Boroughs in Everton Park, Rosalie, Stones Corner, Springwood, Ascot and Morayfield.

Is there a burger joint we’re missing? Let us know your suggestions by dropping us a line at [email protected]

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