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The round-up: wrap your laughing gear around Brisbane’s best burgers

The die-hard burger lovers among you will have already marked Monday May 28 in their calendars, but for those that are unaware of the importance of this date, you should know it marks National Burger Day. Although not a public holiday, National Burger Day is well worth celebrating if only for the joy burgers bring to our lives on a regular basis. Few dishes are so adored by carnivores and herbivores alike, and the burger’s longevity is proof of its popularity. If you’re keen to join in and chow down on National Burger Day, why not pick from our list of Brisbane’s best burgers? These bites will surely live up to expectations.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co, NewsteadChermside and Brisbane City: In 2017, Noosa-born sensation Betty’s Burgers opened not one, but two locations in Brisbane. Chermside and Newstead welcomed the arrival with open arms, and so did we, with classic stacked burgers and decadent concrete custard making for a near-unbeatable combo.

Grassfed Vegan, South Brisbane: Look, we get that the die-hard carnivores amongst you might take umbrage at seeing a plant-based burger on this list, but hear us out. Fish Lane’s Grassfed Vegan is a burger joint that is proving that meat-free deliciousness is as mouth-watering as its beefy counterpart. The burgers utilise alternative vEEF patties from Fënn Foods – as close as you can get to the real thing without actually eating any animals/

Ben’s Burgers, Fortitude Valley: Let’s start with a bona fide star. Ben’s Burgers in Fortitude Valley has been dominating taste buds with its no-frills approach to the classic hamburger and cheeseburger for years. To really get the best experience we suggest adding maple bacon to your burger with a side of fries and special sauce. You won’t regret it – trust us.

Red Hook, Brisbane City: Few cities in the world do burgers better than New York City, which is why Red Hook is upfront about where it draws its influences from. The Grandmaster Flash, Brooklyn Cheeseburger, Uptown Funk and Shaolin Soul burgers are all winners, which means you can be too if you eat here.

Lucky Egg, Fortitude Valley: When it comes to fried chicken, Lucky Egg is at the peak of the finger lickin’ mountain. The original crispy with slaw and buffalo crispy chicken burgers are to die for, but the new Brunswick Street location is now cooking up a scrumptious beef burger that is on-par with the best. Also, don’t sniff at the vegi crispy – the tempura-fried eggplant steak topped with American cheddar is a winner for anyone looking for a meat-free option.

Remy’s, Paddington: Kicking back on a sunny Sunday in Paddington is a common pastime of ours, made even better when we do it at Remy’s. The burgers here are top notch, with several unique choices sharing menu space with the classics. The pork belly, cabbage and kimchi burger and the jerk chicken with Caribbean salsa are worth investigating, but don’t be ashamed if you find yourself back in the arms of the double pattie and bacon cheeseburger.

Brewski, Petrie Terrace: It’s not all hops and malt at Caxton Street’s Brewski – this pub does also does some phenomenal burgers for the hungry crowd. The menu features tasty options for the carnivore crowd and peckish plant-based types, including the classic smashed-beef burger and the stout-infused and applewood-smoked jackfruit burger, respectively.

Charboys, Brisbane City: Fans of Charboys in the Brisbane CBD claim that this joint makes the closest thing to iconic American chains such as In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys. Succulent patties, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion – this is proof that the best works of art are made with a smaller palette of colours.

Billykart Bar, West End: Although Billykart Kitchen has long been one of Brisbane’s best spots to get breakfast, its menu also boasts a cheeseburger that is counted amongst this city’s best. When Billykart Bar opened in West End, it promised a great opportunity to try signature Billykart burgers without having to book a table inside the restaurant. In addition to the acclaimed Billykart cheeseburger, punters can also wrap their mitts around a fried chicken sandwich, a veggie burger and pulled pork sliders

Gerard’s Bar & CharcuterieFortitude Valley: James Street’s home of charcuterie and choice cocktails also dishes up a dynamo cheeseburger that you need to add to your burger hit list. A Blackmore wagyu patty is topped with American cheese, relish, mustard and butter lettuce, and is damn near irresistible.

Miss Kay’s, Brisbane CityMitchelton and Springwood: Anyone seeking a taste of some quintessential American burger artistry should take a seat at Miss Kay’s table. Head to any of Miss Kay’s locations and order some of the drool-worthy options like the Ludakrisp fried-chicken burger, the Mac Daddy with mac’n’cheese, the Poutine Burger or the Austin Flowers with spiced tempura cauliflower.

Mr Burger, various locations: The only thing that can make a burger better is to put it on wheels and make it mobile. Mr Burger is one of Brisbane’s most popular food trucks currently making the rounds, cooking up American-style burgers and iconic Trucker Chips (fries loaded with cheese, diced bacon and sauce).

Ze Pickle, Fortitude Valley and Camp Hill: This Gold Coast-bred operation has made its name by pushing the boundaries of what a burger can be. The mad scientists in the Fortitude Valley kitchen stack the likes of smoked beef brisket and mac’n’cheese, truffle buttered grilled mushrooms, fried cheese sticks and maple bacon and Doughnut Time doughnuts into Ze Pickle’s burgers, which are as tasty as they are formidable.

Special Rub, Coorparoo: Barbecue seekers have been flocking to Coorparoo Square’s smokin’ joint Special Rub for not just the brisket. The kitchen is pumping out burgers that put the salivation glands into overdrive. Our suggestion? Order a double cheeseburger and pair it with some skin-on shoestring fries and go to town.

Miel Container, Brisbane City and Sunnybank: We can’t give you a proper suggestion for what to order at Miel Container, because you get free reign of your burger’s composition. Choose from beef, chicken, fish or veggies then go crazy with toppings of your choice. Want onion rings, egg and dill mayo on your burger? At Miel, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Getta Burger, various locations: West End, Clayfield, Ashgrove, North Lakes and Capalaba are just a few suburbs that been caught up in Getta Burger mania. The popular franchise boasts a veritable menagerie of choices, from 12-hour smoked brisket burgers, double beef patty and fried mozzarella sticks, pulled pork and bacon topped with fries and more.

Just Poppy’s, Riverhills: Riverhills is home some of the city’s best burgers – 69 of them, in fact! There are rib-fillet steak burgers, meat-free burgers, hamburgers, and burgers with chicken, lamb, pork and fish. You will be forgiven for lingering longer on this menu, but rest assured that there is no wrong choice.

MooFree Burgers, North Lakes: Vegans are amply catered for by MooFree Burgers, which operates on a ‘no meat, no worries’ mantra. Patties are made from the likes of black beans, pulled jackfruit and more, and also feature fake bacon and vegan cheese to top.

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