Super Combo

Super Combo comes from Melbourne duo Michael Nham and Hao Vu – the brains behind Albert Park’s NSHRY. As kids Michael (also owner and head chef of Melbourne’s Banoi) and Hao spent hours upon hours playing Street Fighter at their local takeaway shop, and drew on this memory when creating the Super Combo concept. Despite its small space the burger joint certainly packs a punch, with bright colours used throughout the space and an army of fighting video game characters descending from the ceiling, watching over diners as they decide on their burger of choice. There’s also plenty to keep you occupied while you wait for your burg – pull up a stool to play a fighting game on the old-school Nintendo, or browse the vast selection of unique sauces from around the world to pair with your fries. The space isn’t the only thing about Super Combo that takes inspiration from video games – much like Street Fighter features characters from around the world with distinct fighting styles, each burger has a ‘country of origin’ and its own unique flavour and game-themed name.

Head to The Street Photographer for a closer look! 


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