Flex your thumbs and point those flipper fingers, Brisbane – Netherworld is a brand-new arcade bar coming to test your gaming skills. Born as a collaboration between actual pinball wizard James Angliss and The Scratch’s Ben Nichols and Kieran Ryan, Netherworld was inspired by the likes of Brooklyn’s Barcade and the U.S. gaming bar scene, with the guys wanting to create a similar vibe on home soil. Ben and James sat down to create their dream list of gaming machines and have managed to secure an impressive curated collection for your playing pleasure. Almost 40 vintage arcade and pinball machines from the 1970s through to now, classic consoles and 100 board games are scattered throughout the space, which you can play using tokens or a simple buck coin. Netherworld is divided into three sections – the bar, the Hellmouth Diner (which serves American/Japanese-influenced diner food and is ultra, ultra friendly to vegan and gluten-intolerant friends) and the arcade, however no matter where you are in the venue, you’ll find a game of some sort to occupy your hands nearby.


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