The round-up: heatwave schmeatwave – how to cool down when Brisbane turns up the temperature
Enoggera Dam
Mister Fitz's Finest Ice-Cream
Ithaca Pool
Lick! Ice Cream
The round-up: heatwave schmeatwave – how to cool down when Brisbane turns up the temperature
The round-up: heatwave schmeatwave – how to cool down when Brisbane turns up the temperature

The round-up: heatwave schmeatwave – how to cool down when Brisbane turns up the temperature

In case you haven’t heard, the Bureau of Meteorology is saying that a heatwave is imminent. Okay, what’s new? The sun blasts Brisbane all year round, so this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking revelation. We acknowledge that temperatures of 35 degrees or more are extreme, but Queenslanders are a resilient bunch – we know how to beat the heat. If you absolutely refuse to let the big yellow ball in the sky keep you indoors, we’ve compiled a cool list of ways to stay frosty while the pavement melts.

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails
This one’s a no-brainer. One of the best ways to ignore the oppressive heat is by getting your buzz on with an icy cold cocktail or three. We’ve gone to great lengths to catalogue some of Brisbane’s best concoctions – here and here – and most bars in town boast air conditioning, so it’s a win-win. Plus, we’ve just heard that this weekend The Coop is launching a special Jerry’s on Thin Ice slushee – think Sailor Jerry’s blended to icy perfection with sugar syrup, fresh lime and ginger beer and try to tell us that’s not the ultimate balmy-day treat.

Ditch your public pool apprehension
When you were younger, if you had a pool you were cool – it was as simple as that. Times haven’t changed too much – a mate with a pool is a highly covetable addition to any social circle (nothing inflatable – we have standards). But if you lack such a person in your speed dial it’s not the end of the world, even if it is as hot as heck. Public pools aren’t just for kiddies learning to swim – it’s a great spot to cool off when it’s scorching outside. There is a plethora of swimming spots throughout Brisbane, including the likes of Centenary Pool, the Spring Hill Baths, Ithaca Pool and more. Brisbane City Council has created a handy list of pools located nearby, so pack a towel, a book, and some loose change for a post-dip Calippo and get ready to submerge yourself in bliss.

Wrap your lips around something icy
Everyone knows that summer is sweet season. Mounds of ice-cream, thousands of ice blocks, gallons frozen coke, piles of chilled fruit and buckets of iced coffee are consumed in record amounts as people look to cool down their outsides by cooling off their insides. During the heatwave, it is perfectly okay to go overboard on the cold desserts, especially if it’s sourced from some of Brisbane’s dessert havens. Ciao Gelato, Lick! Ice-Cream, Nom Nom Natural Gelato and Queen of Pops are standing by to help satiate your chilled cravings. Have a gander at Mister Fitz’s Finest Ice Cream’s Grandmaster, which sees ice cream sandwiched between frozen cookie dough pieces. Not satisfied? Be sure to tick off the rest of the choices in our icy treats round-up as well.

Find yourself an air-conditioned sanctuary
If your home doubles as a sweat lodge in summer, your best bet is seeking air-conditioned refuge at one of Brisbane’s best galleries or museums. Those in the know will tell you that the iciest air-con in Brisbane can be found at the King George Square bus station, but we’re not suggesting you spend a day spying on commuters. Instead, get on a bus to spots such as Queensland Museum, QAGOMA or the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium – all great spots to kill some time while you air out your armpits. You can still catch the rad Gladiators exhibition at Queensland Museum, while GOMA always has some awesome things on display.

Discover Enoggera Dam
One of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets has been the oasis that is the heritage-listed Enoggera Dam. Long a favourite swimming hole for intrepid teens, in 2014 the powers that be turned the reservoir into a legitimate retreat for those that want to take in some nature while cooling off. This is a great spot for a leisurely picnic among the shady trees and active bodies can take advantage of walking trails nearby. Public access can be found at the Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre at Brisbane Forest Park. Additionally, if you like the sound of natural swimming holes, we suggest chasing waterfalls with our handy list.

Don your blades of glory
Real talk – if you watched Blades of Glory and didn’t want to be Chazz Michael Michaels just a little bit then you missed the point of the entire film. When the mercury rises, our inner figure skater is unleashed as we descend upon Iceworld’s Olympic-sized ice rinks to sashay and glide over the ice in style. Iceworld boasts locations in Boondall and Acacia Ridge and opens for public sessions nearly every day of the year, so it’s easy to look and feel cool.

Hit the beach, dummy 
Yes, this one is the obvious choice and every man and his dog will be heading north and south for respite, but our friends at The Weekend Edition: Gold Coast have some great suggestions for beating the heat if you decide to bail on Brisbane this weekend.


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