The round-up: the best hot chocolates to enjoy this winter
The round-up: the best hot chocolates to enjoy this winter
The round-up: the best hot chocolates to enjoy this winter

The round-up: the best hot chocolates to enjoy this winter

Cold hands make a lot of things much harder such as texting, writing, holding hands with a loved one. If you aren’t much of a glove person, might we suggest wiping away your winter woes by wrapping your mitts around a warm mug of hot chocolate? If you like the sound of that (and why wouldn’t you?) we have made an easy to reference list of the best spots to source a piping hot cup of chocolate-y goodness.

Bitter Suite: New Farm’s Bitter Suite is a great spot to visit for milkshakes, smoothies, tea and coffee. One of the menu’s best kept secrets is the decadent peanut butter hot chocolate, which comes with whipped cream and Reece’s peanut butter topping. This is the perfect way to warm up your body and soul, trust us.

Denim Co: South Bank’s Denim Co. on Little Stanley Street has an impressive selection of specialty hot chocolates ranging in tastes and styles. Patrons can choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties, as well as some lavish rich and thick Italian hot chocolate blends.

Lola Coffee: Trafalgar Lane’s dedicated coffee joint also whips up a great hot chocolate to warm your hands and tummies. Lola Coffee uses Zokoko chocolate for its warm beverages, blending premium cocoa powder and organic sugar into one mighty fine cup.

The Dark Chocolatier: It’s a no brainer that a dedicated chocolatier would make a mean mug of the hot stuff as well. Noosa Chocolate Factory’s coffee joint (situated in Brisbane’s CBD) serves up delicious varieties of hot chocolate using some of its own slabs of decadent dark chocolate.

John Mills Himself: At the top of many ‘best of’ lists is John Mills Himself, a cosy coffee nook and bar that provides suitable shelter from the biting winter winds. The menu here offers three hot chocolate varieties – dairy milk, white and 70% dark. Don’t worry – there is no wrong choice here.

SisCo: Making hot chocolate at home is great on a night in, but isn’t it always tastier when you don’t have to do the work? Spring Hill’s SisCo makes a great home-style hot chocolate complete with a couple of marshmallows swimming around – heaven!

Cowch: What good would a dessert bar be if it didn’t serve some amazing hot chocolate? Thankfully Cowch has all bases covered, especially when it comes to liquid luxury. Indulge in a deluxe hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, with flavours ranging from white chocolate to salted caramel.

Chocolateria San Churro: Dessert lovers rave about the selection of sweet treats at any of the San Churro destinations, and the hot chocolate stands as one of the most popular items. Raw cacao, mocha, sugar-free, Aztec, marshmallow and popping candy varieties are on offer, as well as hot chocolate taster boards.

The Menagerie: Another warm and welcoming abode, Kelvin Grove’s The Menagerie can cure winter blues with its cups of vegan hot chocolate, which is a great guilt-free alternative to the tempting treat.

Lindt Chocolate Shop: When one thinks of Lindt, thoughts typically only travel as far to the individually wrapped balls and gift packs. We don’t blame you, but you should know that The Lindt Chocolate Shop at DFO offers so much more, including hot beverages made from the brand’s signature sweets.

Bunker: This dynamo coffee destination is no slouch when it comes to hot chocolate. Give the caffeine a spell and opt for a rich dark chocolate to go or get a mochacinno before you scoot for your commute.

Paddington Deli & Epicerie: When it comes to our own preferences for hot chocolate, the more decadent the better! Paddington Deli & Epicerie knows what we like, serving up delicious Belgian hot chocolates made from some of the finest couverture chocolate around.

Mörk Chocolate: Several cafes around Brisbane are serving up the rich flavours of Mörk Chocolate. You can find it at locations around town such as Josie North, Told You So, Dovetail on Overend, Two Trees, Marchetti and The Tiller Coffee.

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