Try unpasturised goats milk from Marlee-May Farm

Try unpasturised goats milk from Marlee-May Farm

Before the days of pasteurisation , goats milk was often consumed due to the belief that it was better for you. More recently research has proven that this folklore had good foundations, as the diseases of brucellosis and tuberculosis that can be found in raw cows milk have never been known to goats in Australia. This is the reason that the sale of raw goats milk is legal in Queensland unlike its cow derived counterpart.

Denise Maras from Marlee-May Farm proudly has a permit to sell raw goats milk in Queensland and promotes the benefits of the raw milk bacteria for our bodies, as well as it being a great tasting source of calcium and nutrients. Denise milks her 20 free-range organic goats every day and the milk goes straight from the goat into a carton. The cartons are frozen, as goats milk doesn’t separate after defrosting like cows milk does, which is a great way to transport and sell milk at the markets.

Marlee-May Farm is unique due to the small quantities of each product it produces. With free-range chicken eggs, chicken, pork and goat meat, Denise is able to maintain a personal quality to her produce. Whilst Marlee-May Farm has no formal certification with any organisation, Denise is primarily an animal lover and so her main concern is for the welfare of the animals, keeping them in a natural and ‘true’ free-range environment with the freedom to exhibit natural behaviours without being exposed to pesticides and herbicides or antibiotics.

Marlee-May Farm products are available from the Kelvin Grove Village Market fortnightly.

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