Make your next shot of coffee Bulletproof

Make your next shot of coffee Bulletproof

Bulletproof Coffee is popping up at select cafes around Brisbane and will reportedly add some extra pep to your step.

When talking about coffee there is no shortage of experimentation and no wrong answer when it comes to personal preference, but there is a new trend on the market that claims to give coffee drinkers an even bigger boost than their usual caffeine hit.

Bulletproof coffee is the new trend du jour that blends a long black coffee with butter. Now, before you dismiss this idea as outlandish and sacrilegious to the faith of the flat white listen to the reported benefits. By using unsalted, oil-based butter blends you can supercharge your daily brew and improve brain function, heighten focus and increase energy levels.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the benefits of Bulletproof coffee, the most important factor is the tastes and feels. Well, Bulletproof coffee is creamy and frothy, with a nice consistency that belies the ingredients list. The tastes varies a little from the stock-standard formula but is easy to adjust to.

If you are curious to try some Bulletproof coffee for yourself there are a few establishments that serve up some toughened types. Both the Paleo Cafe and Primal Pantry blend their Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil, which is six-times stronger than coconut oil, and Primal Pantry provides another option mixed with Brain Octane Oil, which is eighteen-times stronger than coconut oil. Symposium Cafe adds ghee (clarified butter) and coconut oil to their Bulletproof recipe.

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