Momo Chicken & Beer Garden City

Momo Chicken & Beer’s third location opened at Westfield Garden City in September 2019, bringing its signature Korean-style fried chicken to the bustling shopping centre’s north end. The eye-catching venue boasts a multicoloured exterior, which shields a neon-light dining space fit for 98 guests. Booth seating for large groups is plentiful, with dimmable lights installed to boost the ambience as trade inches later into the night. Garden City’s Momo Chicken & Beer offers the same stellar array of fried chicken as its other locations, featuring piles of boneless and with-bone chicken sets in a variety of flavours (honey chicken, buffalo, sweet and spicy, cheese and very, very hot). The location also boasts a menu of appetising lunch specials, offering up dishes including giant chicken cutlets, chicken and kimchi fried rice, spicy stir-fried noodles, Korean pancakes and balsamic chicken salad. Rounding out the food menu is a selection of noodle, rice, hot-pot dishes and sides. As for the drinks, frothy beers are still a specialty. The Garden City location boasts Two Suns –a beer made collaboratively by Japanese and Australian brewers – on tap alongside other bottled beer varieties, soju, rice wine and more.


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