The Grocer: Paradise Pears

The Grocer: Paradise Pears

The summer season means summer fruit, and it doesn’t get much better than a juicy pear. Try the smaller yet sweeter variety, the paradise pear, when looking for a healthy snack.

Paradise pears, also known as sugar pears, crystal pears or faccia bella pears, are a smaller and sweeter strain of pear when compared to the traditional variety. This yummy fruit is traditionally seen with predominantly green skin and a rosy blush and is at its seasonal peak through January and February, making these bite-sized beauties a delicious and refreshing snack for the summer months. As these pears are smaller than the regular variety, they make a great lunchbox nibble for the kids or can simply be enjoyed in greater numbers.

In the kitchen, paradise pears are surprisingly versatile. Whether it is sweet or savoury, you can include pears in a plethora of meals. As the paradise pear is sweeter it fits perfectly with dessert dishes such as almond-pear tarts, pear dumplings, pear upside-down cake and pannacotta with citrus poached pear. Although if you are curious to see what else you can do with a pear, try your hand at whipping up pear and prawn tempura, saffron-poached pears, or griddled pear and blue cheese salad. Find paradise in a pear this summer.

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