The Grocer: Hemp seed

The Grocer: Hemp seed

The humble hemp seed is an underrated ingredient that can make a huge impact in the kitchen. The versatile substance is full of nutritional benefits that make it a perfect ingredient for many recipes.

Hemp seed is a majestic ingredient with a long list of health benefits, yet it has gone unnoticed in most kitchens for years. The hemp seed has been hailed as a perfect super food thanks to its high amount of essential fats, antioxidants, amino acids, fibre and easily digested proteins. Beneficial for cellular health and energy, hemp seeds contain a majority of the required proteins that boost human nutrition. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oils boast a slight nutty flavour and are great for kitchen use and should be considered as an alternative for small grains and regular oils.

Recipes incorporating hemp seeds are plentiful. If you are looking to test the benefits of hemp seed consumption you can do so simply at first by whipping up a raw tabouli hemp seed salad, apple hemp muffins or a batch of carrot hemp seed pate. Once you have those down pat, try your hand at making some hemp seed pesto or hummus, some raw hemp seed bars with cacao drizzle or a hummus and hemp seed pita pocket for a healthy lunch.

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