Crispy M&M’s Choc Spread is a thing and we know where to snag some

Crispy M&M’s Choc Spread is a thing and we know where to snag some

One of our favourite choccies to grace the confectionery aisle is no doubt M&M’s. These rainbow-hued morsels taste as sweet as they look and have been a beloved snack staple since childhood. Now, this darling treat has been smashed, swirled and jarred to create something so delicious, so ingenious that we just have to get our hands on it ASAP. Introducing Crispy M&M’s Choc Spread.

It was Aussie queen Zoë Foster Blake who first alerted us to the existence of Crispy M&M’s Choc Spread on her Instagram stories, and we just want to say thank you Zoë, for your truly invaluable contribution to society. If you didn’t catch Zoë’s snap of the salivation-worthy spread on her socials, let us paint a picture – said to be the perfect accompaniment to your morning toast, this jar of goodness is basically crushed up M&M’s and crispy pieces mixed in with a Nutella-esque dip. Or in other words, heaven on earth.

Now, the important info that you need to know – where to score some of this sugary charmer. A few online retailers dispense Crispy M&M’s Choc Spread but only one site currently has some in stock, and that site is Amazon Australia. Woefully, the price-tag is $34 per jar, though we know that won’t stop true M&M’s fans. Interested in selling your soul for a taste of the divine? You can mull over your life choices later and hop over here to secure your new favourite snack.

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