The Ocean Film Festival World Tour

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour

Coming to HOTA on March 11–12, The Ocean Film Festival hopes to inspire viewers to explore, respect, enjoy, and ultimately protect our oceans. In town for just two nights, The Ocean Film Festival World Tour will feature an intriguing roster of short films and spectacular cinematography, with pieces of varying lengths and styles covering topics like ocean adventure and exploration, the oceanic environment, marine creatures, ocean-related sports, coastal cultures and more. Expect to witness never-before-seen footage, fascinating interviews and insightful narrations about the big blue. The Ocean Film Festival was founded seven years ago on the northern beach of Sydney, and while the 2020 instalment of the festival will be viewed more than 100 times in ten different countries, its first priority is sharing the beauty and power of the ocean with Australians, and giving local filmmakers the chance to have their work seen on the big screen. Following a rigorous selection process, two Australian filmmakers have made it into the line-up alongside a bill of international names. The homegrown festival will also be shown in 32 Australian towns, before wowing viewers in America, the UK, China and Singapore.

Ready to learn more about the big blue? Nab yourself some tickets here.

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