Seek out the ever-roaming The Bun Mobile

Seek out the ever-roaming The Bun Mobile

Like the infamous Taco Truck in Melbourne, a travelling van of takeaway food dreams is now operating in Brisbane.

Serving up handcrafted steamed buns filled with exotic flavours, The Bun Mobile can be found at a new location each day. Like any good foodie-van staff at the weekend markets, Harold and Christine Fleming are super speedy in the their service, which is lucky, since hungry folk are flocking to the van at the faintest scent of sweet dough.

Try the Twice-Cooked Pork with Hoisin Sauce, Sakura Pickled Cucumber and Shallot Batons or the Confit Duck Sausage with Orange Peel, Cinnamon Bark and Star Anise during the lunch and dinner shifts, with a Prosciutto and Egg Breakfast Bun also featuring at the odd morning destination. Everything the duo serves has been made by hand, from the pickles and chutneys to Harry’s Red Dragon Sauce, and they source all the ingredients as locally as possible. There’s even a loyalty card for those finding themselves happily addicted to these rather nice buns. Check the website or facebook page for daily locations.

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