Eat as much vegan pizza as you please at Newstead’s Salt Meats Cheese

Eat as much vegan pizza as you please at Newstead’s Salt Meats Cheese

Put on your comfy pants and skip lunch – Salt Meats Cheese at the Gasworks is hosting a night of all-you-can-eat vegan pizza. On Tuesday June 19, the pizza oven will be working overtime to cater for demand. Vegan or not, any die-hard pizza lover would be insane to ignore this.

As much as many of us enjoy devouring slice after slice of pepperoni pizza, sometimes it’s good to spare a thought for our vegan friends. The vegan pizza movement isn’t a flash-in-the-pan thing – it’s quickly become a bona fide staple of many pizza joint’s offerings. Salt Meats Cheese is celebrating vegan pizza by letting dinners eat as much of it as they damn well want on Tuesday June 19. Yep, if you perk up at the mention of all-you-can-eat then you’ll want to book a table.

Diners that purchase a drink will be able to go to town on near-endless vegan pizza for just $20, with six fantastic choices to sample – each with copious amounts of not-zzarella cheese. Put away slices of margherita, truffle and mushroom, eggplant, potato, vegetariana and pumpkin pizza from 5:00 pm until you burst. It’s time to tell your vegan friends or – if you are a plant-based eater as well – consider booking a seat for yourself.

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