Take your sweet tooth down memory lane with Arty's artisanal treats
Take your sweet tooth down memory lane with Arty's artisanal treats
Take your sweet tooth down memory lane with Arty's artisanal treats

Take your sweet tooth down memory lane with Arty’s artisanal treats

While we’re extremely partial to a freshly opened pack of Oreos, a cheeky handful of Maltesers or, in a pinch, some fruit-and-nut chocolate, we often find ourselves pining for the sweets of our youth. We’re talking pillowy soft marshmallows, decadent chocolate fudge and moreish blocks of tablet. Our sweet tooth must have been broadcasting our cravings to the universe, because some like-minded chefs have taken their own nostalgia for classic sweets and used it to power Arty’s – a new mouth-watering confection concept that’s officially launching on Saturday May 8.

At the risk of showing our age, we’re inclined to say that they don’t make confectionery like they used to. It’s a sad fact that many home-style candies that we devoured some short decades ago have been replaced by an influx of imported treats and mass-manufactured munchies. Well, maybe that’s about to change. The chefs behind Arty’s Artisan Sweets are giving some love to the classic treats of their youth, shining a light back on the yumminess of yesteryear with a corking range of confections perfect for sharing (or hoarding). With a top-notch kitchen at its disposal, the Arty’s team is making the most of its combined expertise by crafting a range of old-school eats (made using quality ingredients, of course) that’ll tickle your nostalgia receptors. This is the kind of stuff you just don’t see anymore – we’re talking marshmallows, chocolate fudge and Scottish tablet. Sure, marshmallows still exist – but the powdery pink-and-white clouds that we find in packets are a far cry to the covetable cubes Arty’s is assembling.

On Saturday May 8, Arty’s will launch its range of artisan sweets with a pop-up shop taking place at 224 Given Terrace in Paddington between 8:30–11:30 am. Here you’ll be able to drool over six kinds of marshmallow flavours (vanilla bean, salted caramel, toasted coconut, espresso salted caramel, choc-hazelnut and lemon sherbet – available individually or in boxes of six and 24), mounds of chocolate fudge and piles of crumbly tablet. The fortnightly pop-ups will also be selling signature Arty’s hot chocolates (made with silky Valrhona chocolate) and coffee, with the sweets range expected to grow and evolve over time. Mark the launch date in your calendar or bookmark the Arty’s online store – these treats will disappear quicker than you can say ‘chubby bunny’.

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