Light and shade at Rise and fall, again, Metro Arts

Light and shade at Rise and fall, again, Metro Arts

Inviting the viewer to actively engage in cognitive aspects of sight and perception, Rise and fall, again showcases a series of balsa wood works converging time, light, and space.

The meticulous construction applied by artist Phoebe McDonald is clear, as each balsa piece is obsessively measured, cut and assembled to form objects that harness three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional plane. Each of these aspects combine to create a perceptive quality that plays with and shifts spatial depth, challenging the viewer to engage in the process of looking rather than seeing.

Perception is inherent in Rise and fall, again – geometry, tessellation and pattern combine to create tonal changes, which evolve as natural light generates a visual play on the picture plane. Depth and movement is the result of inconsistent light throughout the day, while precise angles and repetitive patterns add another dimension within the arranged surfaces. See this suite of works at Metro Arts in Brisbane City from July 4–14.

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