Doughcraft Brisbane City

One of Brisbane’s finest bakeries stepped up its game in 2024 with an ambitious expansion into the inner city. Albion-based French-Italian-inspired bakery Doughcraft opened a brand-new location on Mary Street in February, launching a venue that is part artisanal bakery, part deli, and a go-to destination for aperitivo. An expanded kitchen now allows the Doughcraft team to increase its range of products considerably, adding tasty new items alongside its signature sweet and savoury mainstays like Bombolone Salato doughnuts, raspberry-filled brioche buns and gorgonzola breadsticks.

The venue’s post-sunset offering channel European-styles aperitivo hour, with handcrafted cocktails (including rosemary-infused negronis) and a curated list of Australian and Corsican wines available. Soon there will even be a private-dining area for intimate gatherings and celebrations. The Doughcraft team describe the project as a return to its roots, where the team’s culinary artistry can be put on display in greater detail.


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