Doughcraft at Craft’d Grounds is a multi-faceted bakery and deli that creates and dispenses a jaw-dropping array of European-style baked goods, cheese and charcuterie. The brainchild of a group of four co-owners (including two chefs and a baker) Doughcraft utilises a host of gourmet ingredients (both locally sourced and imported) and sustainable practices to execute its range, which blends sweet and savoury flavour profiles. The range includes (but isn’t limited to) doughnuts, breads, focaccia buns, sandwiches, lasagna and pasta. Stand-out selections include bomboloni crowned in a peak of silky Italian-style meringue, panino casa with Le Conquérant camembert, Sardinian-style sausage, local honey and butter, nduja-infused focaccia buns, and smoked Tasmanian salmon, creme fraiche, spinach and crispy capers smushed between squid ink buns. At night, guests to Brewtide can enjoy cheese and charcuterie boards (loaded with the likes of Sardinian-style free-range salami and peppercorn and juniper berry-cured pork loin) as well as raclette (either Jean Perrin’s Secret de Scey or Heidi Farm cheese) scraped over prosciutto cotto, sopressa salami and potatoes.


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