Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries is known across Australia for its ethical meat-free fast food. As the name suggests, fries are life here. You can choose from classic, chunky, shoestring or sweet potato. Though, the offering goes well beyond golden potatoes. If you love a cheeseburger, minus the cow, then the Lord of the Fries version comes pretty darn close to the real deal. The veggie patty is topped with cheese, lettuce, onion, tangy pickle, decent schmear of Belgian mayo, plus mustard and ketchup.  There’s also a range of various vegetarian burgers and hot dogs, onion rings, vegetarian nuggets (we love a good nug), ‘phish’ and chips – and it’s all offered with gluten-free and vegan variations. There’s also cold, creamy vegan milkshakes to wash it all down with.


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