Wu Kong Kitchen & Bar

The story of Wu Kong Kitchen & Bar begins with a vision — a vision to reimagine Chinese cuisine and introduce it to a new generation of food enthusiasts. Owners of Jackpot Dining in Brisbane successfully launched their first Wu Kong restaurant in 2022 when they took inspiration from the well-loved classic 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West and turned it into a themed restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the novel’s legendary character Wu Kong, also referred to as the Monkey King, the team created an adventure for diners from the very first moment you walk into the restaurant. Now they are bringing the immersive dining experience to the coast. Where the Brisbane restaurant features a waterfall cave and magical stone from the first chapter in the 100-chapter novel, the Southport outpost will see a flaming mountain take centre stage.

The second chapter, Sun Wukong Borrowing Iron Fan, tells the story of the Monkey King encountering a raging fire on their pilgrimage to the west for the Buddhist scriptures. To obtain the Iron Fan from the Iron Fan Princess to extinguish the raging flames of the Flaming Mountains, they fight the Iron Fan Princess and Demon Bull King. Taking on the character’s spirit of adventure, Wu Kong Kitchen & Bar evokes a sense of wonder and delight with each dish, inviting diners on a culinary journey through the rich tapestry of Chinese flavours.

While the menu pays homage to classic Chinese dishes, it also embraces modern culinary techniques and global influences. Whether it’s the delicate artistry of handcrafted dim sum like the Squid Ink Mala Pork Xiao Long Bao or the bold flavours of a Canton-style stir fry, every dish at Wu Kong Kitchen & Bar is a testament to the passion and skill of the chefs. The signature Plum Duck is steeped in centuries of tradition and is elevated to new heights at Wu Kong, with succulent slices of tender duck enveloped in crispy skin served in a vibrant plum sauce. Whether you’re sharing a meal with loved ones, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in a moment of culinary bliss, Wu Kong Kitchen & Bar invites you to savour the moment and immerse yourself in the magic of Chinese cuisine.


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