The Grocer: Doughnut Peach

The Grocer: Doughnut Peach

Stone fruit lovers and fans of the humble peach should check out its firmer, sweeter and flatter relative, the doughnut peach for a bit of summer variety.

Thanks to its delicate and velvety nature, the humble peach has long been a staple of Australian diets and is a summer favourite. At its seasonal peak from November to March, the peach can be used in a variety of meals. While it is possible to go on forever about the benefits and usages of peaches, many Australians might be interested to note that the peach also has a close relative that packs more flavour and aroma.

The doughnut peach combines all of the great elements of a regular peach, but has a distinct difference in shape. Also known as a Saturn peach, this fruit is smaller and flatter than its cousin, but is also sweeter and more fragrant. Doughnut peaches are also reportedly lower in acid than regular types, are less fuzzy and the pit doesn’t adhere to the flesh as much.

Peaches and cream is one of the easiest and tastiest recipes involving this peaches and of course the doughnut variety would suit just as well. Obviously, most recipes involving peaches can be just as easily made with its flatter relative, but why not step outside the box and try some completely new ideas. For the summer, we recommend a grilled doughnut peach and chicken salad, sour cream and doughnut peach cupcakes, doughnut peaches with Parmesan and balsamic or even a simple conserve. Impress your friends with this interesting but sure-fire favourite when picking produce to occupy your fruit bowl.

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