Take your morning coffee to the next level with a dash of coconut oil

Take your morning coffee to the next level with a dash of coconut oil

Forget almond, soy and zymol lactose-free milk, the latest coffee trend is to add a dash of coconut oil for a little added pick-me-up.

Coconut oil could very well be one of the most versatile products on supermarket shelves. It’s a hair mask, body oil, lip balm, eye makeup remover, cooking liquid among a plethora of other things and it just happens to taste and smell delicious. Now, innovators are adding a teaspoon of the elixr to coffee for an added boost. The coconut oil is said to help you be more focused and alert but also help boost your metabolism so it kick-starts the mind and body. It also happens to taste great.

According to sources like this one, the secret to its superpowers is that coconut oil is made up mostly of medium-chain fatty acids which ultimately reduce the necessity for glucose production and therefore stop the body from storing fat. There are a number of different recipes out there on the world wide web, some that add butter and some that add milk, honey and ice. To keep things simple, here’s one recipe that uses coconut oil and coffee. So if you’re up for a little added energy, give it a whirl. Just be sure to keep it all in moderation.

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