Sip responsibly and hangover-free with zero-alcohol gin from Banks & Burbidge
Sip responsibly and hangover-free with zero-alcohol gin from Banks & Burbidge

Sip responsibly and hangover-free with zero-alcohol gin from Banks & Burbidge

There are a plethora of reasons why you might be keen to give booze the boot – two-day hangovers, general health, financial gains, saving yourself from post-party remorse, you’re designated driver, just to name a few. Regardless of your ‘why’, up until fairly recently, non-alcoholic alternatives have, well, kind of sucked. Thankfully, as Bob Dylan once mused, the times they are a ‘changin and non-drinkers are no longer relegated to sipping sugary soft-drinks or bland beverages as there are some excellent alcohol-free alternatives popping up. One such option is Banks & Burbidge’s alcohol-free gin, which looks and tastes like the real deal minus the drama.

Sitting pretty alongside some other top-notch non-alcoholic sips such as SeedlipNON and native Australian booze-free beer Sobah, Banks & Burbidge identifies as a zero-alcohol alternative to gin. Crafted on the banks of Waterloo Bay in Queensland, Banks & Burbidge’s unique recipe fuses traditional gin-distilling techniques with locally sourced produce to create an authentic gin flavour, just sans the sauce. The conscious concoction is based on the traditional flavour of juniper berries with a distinct and aromatic blend of cardamom, coriander, and white pepper with just a touch of dried-chilli peppers so even discerning drinkers will be pleasantly surprised by its complexity of flavour.

Banks & Burbidge’s gin proudly holds its own in a classic G&T or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, mix it with some Indian tonic water and cold-pressed coffee and violà – you have yourself a Turbo Tonic. Got a sneaky sweet tooth? Mix one part Banks & Burbidge gin, three parts ginger ale, a dash of lime cordial, a slightly bigger dash of raspberry cordial and a lemon slice to garnish and you have a Waterloo Bay Sunrise (find the recipes here). The best part about non-alcoholic gin is that you can have it for breakfast without judgement. A 700-ml bottle will set you back $38.95 and is available to purchase here.

Image credit: Banks & Burbidge Facebook

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