The Weekend Series: five insane bacon-infused recipes to celebrate Bacon Week

We don’t need to bacon-coat this intro with fancy mouth-watering descriptions of sizzling, salty, crispy strips of happiness that coat the air with their intoxicating drool-inducing aroma. You love bacon. I love bacon. We all love bacon. It’s Bacon Week and you should be eating it. Enough said. Enjoy.

All Bacon Burger
Okay, we don’t expect anyone in his or her right mind to actually make this thing, but thankfully the team at Epic Meal Time aren’t exactly sane. Just look at this heaving monstrosity! This is bacon love pushed to it’s absolute extreme and then a little bit further. Part of me feels a bit queasy, part of me wants them to cut me off a big piece – I’ve got the bacon sweats and I’m only watching a video.


Beer-glazed Candied Bacon
Yeah, that’s right. Beer. Glazed. Bacon. If you truly love bacon, you’ve surely had candied bacon – and if you haven’t, get your keister over to Ben’s Burgers in Brisbane STAT and order a Classic with candied bacon – but this takes it to a whole other level. This recipe from PopSugar has that sticky, sweet flavour of candied bacon, balanced out perfectly with the addition of beer and mustard. YES.


Bacon-wrapped Grilled Cheese
What do you get when you combine bacon and grilled cheese? Perfection. You get perfection. Those geniuses over at BuzzFeed have combined two of our favourite things to create an oozy, crispy, salty slice of goodness … that is possibly a heart attack waiting to happen. We’ll run the risk for now.


Bacon Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing and Bourbon Drizzle
The next time you need to impress the team at work, we suggest whipping up a batch of these babies from How Sweet It Is. They look like a delicate, pretty cupcake, but are smothered in bacon-y, bourbon-y goodness. A real crowd pleaser. Plus, banana makes it kind of healthy, right?

Bacon Crack
With a name like Bacon Crack, need we say more? This drool-worthy snack combines dough, crispy bacon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper and will for sure make you weak at the knees. Great for a hangover or, you know, just your everyday desk snack at work. Get the full recipe from Oh Bite It.

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