Swedish Dream sea salt soap

Lather up with Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending a few days ocean-side, the sun slowly bronzing your skin, the wind whipping through your hair and the smell of salt and sea infiltrating all of your clothes. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap lets you revel in the fresh-air scent of nature’s salty sea even when you’re not holidaying at the beach.

A refreshing and relaxing puck of cleanliness, Sea Salt Soap leaves your skin pure and polished. A triple-milled soap featuring mineral-rich salts naturally obtained from seawater, this well-packaged product also lightly exfoliates, as the grainy texture executes a morning shower pick-me-up by massaging the skin.

Self-pronounced as good for shaving, Sea Salt Soap lathers well and leaves skin smooth soft. The perfect daily accompaniment for enhancing this year’s endless summer feeling, the Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap is lavish yet simple. Made in the US – despite the ‘Swedish’ part to the name – the soap is available at AP Design House in Paddington.


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