Say goodbye to wasteful wardrobes and rent sustainable styles from SPELL

Say goodbye to wasteful wardrobes and rent sustainable styles from SPELL

With more and more events on the cards, it seems like we are going through all of our outfits quicker than you can say “fast fashion”. Usually we are guilty of buying a new dress for every birthday bash, anniversary party and even the occasional Sunday session but in this economy? Absolutely not. Enter SPELL’s new partnership with dress-rental service GlamCorner, which will take your wardrobe to the next level without leaving you penniless.

Yes, you read that right. You’re now able to score some of your favourite SPELL looks – including exclusive pieces and much-loved styles from the archives – exclusively through GlamCorner, an online service that delivers designer fashion rentals straight to your door. Affectionately called Sister to Sister, this budget method of scoring new looks lets you book your favourite SPELL piece, which will then get dispatched to your abode within a matter of days. The dress is yours for your choice of either four or eight days (in case you want to wear it to multiple occasions) and thankfully, for the clumsy among us, comes with accidental damage insurance. All you have to do to return your ensemble is use the provided pre-paid return bag and drop it at your nearest 
post office or yellow express postal box. Easy as.

As well as being a wallet-friendly option for scoring fashion, SPELL’s team-up with GlamCorner offers an eco-friendly way of playing dress up. Sister to Sister has taken inspiration from the circular fashion movement, which hopes to reduce the size of shopper’s wardrobe as well as their environmental impact by encouraging people to rent clothes instead of buying new outfits for every new occasion. Collectively, approximately 6000 kilograms of clothing gets thrown out every ten minutes by Australians – a staggering statistic that will have us avoiding the shops for a while. If you want some beautiful gear that won’t break the bank and will help you tread a little lighter, browse SPELL’s collection through GlamCorner here.

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