Coney Island Chili Dog at La Vosh Patisserie

Coney Island Chili Dog hits the mark at La Vosh, Red Hill

As winter officially arrives this weekend, add a touch of warming spice to your diet (though diet is definitely the wrong word here) with the Coney Island Chili Dog from La Vosh Patisserie in Red Hill.

Reminiscent of the hot dog stands of New York, La Vosh owner Steve Day created the Coney Island Chili Dog after a trip to the great US of A. Training as a French-style pastry chef, Steve is passionate about French food, evident by the fluffy almond croissants and perfectly crafted tarts at his Red Hill patisserie. But it was in New York that he discovered a love of and desire to create Jewish and iconic, traditional American foodstuffs as well.

Passionate about everything handmade and employing age-old baking methods, Steve has created his own Coney Island Chili Dog recipe, keeping it as traditional as possible with a true chili kick. While Coney Island may have been the birthplace of the original hot dog, the Coney Island Chili Dog does not actually originate from there. Steve has chosen a ‘Santa Fe’ level of spice for the La Vosh version, with the spicy, chunky chili sitting atop a warmed hot dog. Then topped with roughly chopped raw onion, American mustard and grated cheese, your hot dog even comes with a side of corn chips and sour cream. Try this American beast as well as the fresh, boiled-then-baked bagels gracing the countertops of this Red Hill bread nook.

La Vosh Patisserie
154 Musgrave Road, Red Hill
Ph: 07 3369 4461
Open: Sunday to Monday 6:30 am to 4:00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday 6:30 am to 5:30 pm

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