Smash a spoon into Gelato Messina's extra-lickable Iced Vovo tubs

Smash a spoon into Gelato Messina’s extra-lickable Iced Vovo tubs

Since 1906, Australians have paired tea-time with the treasured pink-fondant-topped treat otherwise known as Iced Vovos. With its unshakeable status as a pantry staple more than 100 years strong, we struggle to imagine what could possibly make this sweet snack even better. Thankfully, the clever creatives at Gelato Messina have put on their thinking caps and have done the hard yards for us – working their magic to churn together a gelato flavour that is inspired by Arnott’s iconic biscuit. The raspberry on top? You can order a tub for yourself right now.

The first flavour in Gelato Messina’s ‘Hot Tub’ series, the Iced Vovo tubs first made an appearance when Messina teamed up with Firedoor in 2020 to sell custom Messina flavours on its online store to help raise money for the bushfire relief fund. The huge amount of positive feedback proved the innovative flavour was a winner and now it gets its time to shine once again. Available to order in one-litre tubs of goodness for $30, the mouth-watering Iced Vovo packs are guaranteed to get you licking your lips with layers of toasted-coconut gelato filled with chunks of shortbread biscuit, topped with marshmallow, a strip of jam-like raspberry puree and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut. We are drooling already.

To secure yourself a tub of this decadent iced dessert, head to the Gelato Messina website today to make an order. Then all you have to do is pick a day and time for pick-up – any time from Friday January 22 to Sunday January 24 – and waltz into your nearest Messina store to rightfully claim what’s yours. Go on, get going before these limited-edition mouthfuls melt away!

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