Pour decisions – The Wine Bluffs bring swilling, sipping and side-splitting laughs to the Powerhouse

Pour decisions – The Wine Bluffs bring swilling, sipping and side-splitting laughs to the Powerhouse

Real talk – we all know a wine wanker. Whether it’s one of your close mates (sucks to be you) or a mouthy friend-of-a-friend, these insufferable souls are the sort of people who kind of make you want to punch them. Why is it that experts in this field tend to come with an almost guaranteed air of arrogance? Don’t give up hope just yet, friends – The Wine Bluffs are headed to the Brisbane Powerhouse from November 16–18 and they’re here to school you on all things grape, minus the pretence and with an added dose of belly laughs. Disclaimer: almost none of this knowledge is legit.

If you’re the sort of person who’s ever wondered what sort of wine would pair best with fairy bread, The Wine Bluffs will edify you. These two fancy fellows are fresh from judging the Fruit Wine Section at The Rockhampton Show and they are ready to share their extensive (read: completely fabricated) knowledge of all things vino with you. During the highly interactive show you will learn how to read a wine aura, get the scoop on food pairings (does a Rainbow Paddle Pop go well with a sauv blanc?) and even embark on an unforgettable virtual wine bus tour. It’s essentially an hour of two really funny guys taking the piss out of wine culture and quite frankly, we’re here for it.

The two-man show that is The Wine Bluffs is comprised of beloved Aussie comedians Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja, a dynamic duo that share a genuine flow and affinity with each other. You probably recognise Damian’s mug from his days on Skithouse and Before the Game, as well as his regular appearances at comedy festivals both home and abroad. Paul’s pedigree is based more behind the scenes, with his extensive resume extending to writing credits on The Project, The Front Bar and Open Slather – oh yeah, and he also had a brief but crucial role on The Secret Life of Us as the dude behind the counter at the sex shop, so there’s that.

Feeling a bit thirsty? You can pick up tickets to The Wine Bluffs though Brisbane Powerhouse.

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