myer centre brisbane
myer centre brisbane

The Myer Centre gains refreshed food court

Food courts are funny places. Fluorescent lighting beams down from overhead, casting your meal and the skin of the people around you in an odd yellow glow. The aromas of foods from greasy franchises and Chinese banquets mesh and compete to win over your tastebuds. Convenience is key, with the food and service designed to be fast, and your meal delivered in easy-to-carry packaging, ensuring you can eat quickly on the run, in the food court or back at your desk.

Enhancing your city lunch-rush experience, The Myer Centre has given its food court more than just a fresh lick of paint in its recent refurbishment. With the help of local architects Arkhefield and industrial designers luxxbox, The Myer Centre food court has been transformed into a space worth sitting and staring at while as you munch down your plate of crispy gyoza and bubble tea.

Jason Bird of luxxbox contributed some of the stand out features of the new space, including bespoke lighting and furniture. The custom-designed and locally manufactured furniture sees wooden stools dotted with pops of red and yellow, while copper dome and street-type lighting hangs overhead. The new-look urban food court also sees a large-format digital screen contrasted by a vertical garden.


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