Milton Rum Distillery

When Milton Rum Distillery was inundated by flood waters in 2022, Craft’d Grounds graciously opened its doors to the spirit-making crew, lending it space to get back on its feet. What was intended to be a temporary situation evolved into a permanent partnership, with Milton Rum Distillery co-founders Alexander Bell and Asa Boardman signing on to rehouse their operation behind Collingwood Black. Milton Rum Distillery is now a fixture of the site, with a 20-sqm distillery (equipped with its miniaturised continuous column still) and botanical glasshouse (fed on the wastage of the distilling process) tasked with the sustainable production of the brand’s modern-age spirits. The distillery team has aligned with Collingwood Black to serve over five specialty crafted cocktails at its bar, including the signature Milton mojito, while also running distillery door tastings, where groups of up to 12 can sample the range on site. With the flexibility to create new products every couple of weeks, Milton Rum Distillery will regularly produce limited-edition drops (many of which will be collabs) as well as crafting personalised spirits for events taking place at The Black.


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