BOUNCE Inc Macgregor

Growing up, there were few feelings quite as freeing as the one experienced on a trampoline. We would spend hours bouncing, flipping and tumbling on the springy contraption, practicing gravity-defying tricks or merely revelling in the sensation of momentary weightlessness. While many of us have relegated trampolines to the past as we got older, BOUNCE Inc has endeavoured to make the joy of trampolines accessible not only for kids, but for kids at heart. BOUNCE Inc in Macgregor is an adrenaline-fuelled playground consisting of interconnected indoor trampolines and pads – in essence it’s one big playzone for guests to practice their aerobatics, agility and athleticism in a safe environment. In addition to its collection of trampoline-filled free-jump arena, BOUNCE Inc’s Macgregor location features runway trampolines with full-height basketball rings for slam dunking, a big bag for massive airborne manoeuvres (and cushioned landings), a wall-running zone and a X-Run obstacle course for races with mates. If you’ve got lil’ bouncers eager for a mid-week jump, BOUNCE is offering pre-school-aged kiddies three hours of fun for just $11. Hop, skip and jump over to this link and book. BOUNCE Inc is a top spot for family outings, group gatherings and kids parties. Head to the BOUNCE Inc website for details on amenities, tickets and prices, and bookings.



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