Radici Pasta House

Translated to mean ‘roots’ in Italian, Radici Pasta House offers a culinary experience that is deeply rooted in Italian food culture – something which owners Valentina Dominici and Otello Mancini and the venue’s head chef Marco Minore are incredibly passionate about. The trio grew up in various regions of Italy surrounded by gastronomic traditions, traditions they hope to share with all who dine at Radici Pasta House. The menu is designed to be simple yet packed full of flavour and caters to those who are seeking ‘traditional’ Italian dishes such as spaghetti carbonara and amatriciana through to those with a taste for adventure. For those in the latter category, the appetisers from the ocean provide an excellent starting place with the black-ink crusted Yellowfin tuna steak, pumpkin puree and toasted hazelnut a stand-out. As its name implies, the pasta is undoubtedly the true hero here with Valentina, who is also known as the heart of the restaurant, hand-making every single string or piece of pillowy pasta that makes its way to a plate. The venue is best known for its Tagliolini Lobster. What’s a true Italian feast without plenty of wine and Radici Pasta House has you covered with an extensive selection fresh-off-the-boat from Italy. For extra special occasions, crack a bottle from Il Paradiso di Frassina – a magical place where Mozart’s music is spread among the vineyards to study the beneficial effects of sound waves on the vines and the wine, thus helping to produce a unique and Brunello di Montalcino Wine.


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