Miami Fish Market

Miami Fish Market is unlike anything the Gold Coast has seen before. Transforming a former factory space in Miami into an underwater wonderland, this upmarket retail space will satisfy your penchant for prawns, lust for lobster and cravings for crustaceans. Miami Fish Market’s incredible range of responsibly sourced seafood from Australia and New Zealand (as well as some show-stopping selections from abroad) will have you salivating in seconds. From the moment you step foot inside Miami Fish Market, it’s clear that this is not your average fishmonger. Here, pretty emerald-hued subway tiles frame an expansive wrap-around display cabinet that is brimming with the ocean’s bounty – from bright blue Western Australian live marron and freshly steamed Southern crayfish through to king crabs and calamari. Basically, if you have a taste for it, you’ll find it here. There’s a sashimi bar and shucking station to one side, while the opposite end is dedicated to live seafood and whole fish as well as a smoker for dry-ageing fish – a delicacy, we’re told, that is still somewhat unheard of here on the coast. Any fish market worth its salt prides itself on freshness, but the team at Miami Fish Market takes things to another level by shucking live oysters onsite and steaming all of the bugs and lobsters fresh daily. The fare is all hand-selected and graded to ensure only the best of the best make its way to the display cabinet, especially for its standout sashimi selection, which goes well beyond the standard salmon and tuna we’re used to. There’s a handful of freshly made grab-n-go sashimi plates in the cabinet, but if time is on your side we recommend pulling up a stool at the bar and making your way through one of its specialty platters. These plates go perfectly with a crisp glass of white if you just so happened to bring a bottle with you. For non-experts, seafood can be a little daunting. According to the incredibly knowledgeable staff at Miami Fish Market, it needn’t be. In fact, the fresher the fare, the harder it is to stuff it up. And it doesn’t come much fresher than Miami Fish Market’s selection, that’s for damn sure. There’s also a range of pre-made marinades and sauces so enjoying a restaurant-quality seafood feast is as easy as shake and bake. Oh, and for those with a taste for caviar, there’s a separate fridge for that too.


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